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Hôtel Plaza Havane - History

The Hotel Plaza has a rich history that dates back centuries. Below you will find the landmark dates that make up the history of our hotel.

Pre Hotel Operations

1592 The land on which now stands the Hotel Plaza, is purchased from the Spanish Crown and becomes property of Don Gaspar Arteaga.
1895 The Pedroso family’s mansion (the present day Hotel Plaza) is constructed on the site once owned by Don Gasper Areaga.
1898 The two floor building becomes the head office for the newspaper ‘ El Diario de la Marina’. Riots break out against the newspaper by Anit- autonomists
1901 The building is purchased by Fletcher Smith, a US citizen who has the property remodeled as a hotel.
1906 The hotel changes hands and becomes the property of Leopoldo Carvajal, the Marquis of Pinar del Rio.

Hotel Operations (1909-present)

1909 In January of that year the Hotel plaza is officially inaugurated with a charity Ball.
1920’s The world famous Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova visits the hotel
1930’s Albert Einstein is paid homage by the local Jewish community, with a rich banquet at the Plaza Hotel. Efforts are made during this decade to turn the hotel into a casino, but local permits and licenses aren’t granted.
1940’s The hotel is now operated by Hotel Plaza S.A., a public company.
1950’s A casino license is granted and the Hotel Plaza commence casino operations.
1960’s The casino is shut down with the Triumph of the Revolution. The hotel becomes part of the National Tourism Sector.
1970/80’s The hotel is closed for renovations.
1990’s The hotel is newly inaugurated after a full renovation. The Gran Caribe hotel group is created. Hotel Plaza becomes member of the group.
2000’s Throughout the past couple of years our staff’s dedication, as well as our customer’s satisfaction has been recognized in the form of several awards.

Hôtel Plaza, Havane, Cuba Ignacio Agramonte No. 267, Habana Vieja, La Habana, Cuba.
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